Project ALAS is funded by the The National Science Foundation (Biodiversity Surveys and Inventories). The project has also received financial support from the Office of Forestry, Environment, and Natural Resources, Bureau of Science and Technology, of the US Agency for International Development. Equipment and software donations have come from Apple Computer, Pacer Software, ACI, and the Japanese Television Workshop. Two grants from the National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration have supported expedition activity during ALAS IV.

Institutional support from the Organization for Tropical Studies, the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (Costa Rica), The Evergreen State College, and The University of Connecticut has been crucial to the success of Project ALAS.

Publications relying on ALAS specimens, quantitative data, or travel support to expeditions should acknowledge grants by number and be reported to J. Longino. Appropriate text is "This work was supported by National Science Foundation grants __________ and National Geographic Society grants _____________."

NSF grant numbers and years:

BSR-9025024: 1991-1994
DEB-9401069: 1994-1997
DEB-9706976: 1997-2000
DEB-0072702: 2000-2005

National Geographic grant numbers and years:

7331-02: 2002-2003
7751-04: 2004-2005

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