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The linked Excel file is mostly the work of Barry Bolton, with some additional data entered by Gary Alpert. Barry continues to maintain a current taxonomic catalogue for the genus and has provided the text file on which most of this Excel file is based. Credit for parsing goes to Donat Agosti and Gary Alpert. Numerous people have contributed corrections. We will try to keep it up to date with Barry's help. The first worksheet has notes about the rest of the file.

22 January 2008 update: This version contains some recent papers on Asian Pheidole by Eguchi.

20 August 2009 update: contains Pheidole mutisi Fernandez and Wilson 2008, and changes in Longino and Cox 2009, Longino 2009, among others.

Date of this version: 20 August 2009. Click here for Excel file.

Current valid taxon count: 1129.

Page author: John T. Longino
Last modified: 20 August 2009