Zacoleus sp.

Arionidae, Stylommatophora, Gastropoda, Mollusca, Animalia

Body slender and worm-like when extended; generally gray or light brown with a series of longitudinal raised ridges on tail and longitudinal and oblique un-pigmented grooves in tail and along sides of foot below mantle; with or without light blue flecking on mantle and body; sole yellowish-white; mucus clear; tail with a sharp keel when animals are contracted; no caudal pore; a small pore is present beneath a notch in the mantle slightly right of middle along the posterior edge; small shell may be visible through the mantle; similar to a dark Deroceras but without the concentric wrinkles on the mantle, and similar to Boettgerilla pallens, but the pneumostome positioned in the posterior third to fourth of the mantle; in Washington, known from southern and eastern Olympic Peninsula, southern Cascades, and Coast Ranges; found in both coniferous and deciduous forest habitats; most commonly encountered in autumn under rocks, on or under woody debris, and in deciduous leaf litter




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