Striatura pugetensis (Dall 1895) Northwest Striate

Gastodontidae, , Gastropoda, Mollusca, Animalia

Range: Hawaii, Canada, Oregon, Washington...anywhere else? Hawaii type locality? Distribution in WA?

Identification: (How do I tell this from a juv. Haplotrematid?)

Description: 3 to 3.25 whorls; umbilicus about 33% of shell diameter; shell diameter 1.85 times shell height; shell pale greenish-yellow.

Natural History:

Conservation Status:

Literature Cited:

Forsyth, R.G. 2001b. A note on the distribution of Striatura pugetensis in British Columbia. The Festivus 33(5):57-58.


Etymology: striata – furrowed; from Puget Sound region