Prophysaon vanattae (Pilsbry, 1948) Scarlet-mantled Tail-dropper

, ,Gastropoda, Mollusca, Animalia

25 to 50 mm long; color variable; whitish-buff, bluish-gray, or red on the back and gray-buff at the sides; mantle colored buff or red with two curved lateral black bands (sometimes obsolete) above breathing hole, and scattered black markings; most specimens do not show the oblique constriction on the tail; head may extend to some distance past mantle; mantle is long; Pilsbry (1948:699, fig. 380e) described a specimen of this species that has black mottling on the entire body and lacks the lateral side bands; common in many forest habitats from the east slope of the crest of Cascade Range and west; occurs at elevations ranging from near sea-level to at least 1220 m; most commonly found on or under woody debris; also common on skunk cabbage leaves in spring and on shrubs up to 1 m above ground




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