Prophysaon coeruleum (Cockerell, 1890) Blue-gray Taildropper

, ,Gastropoda, Mollusca, Animalia

Mature specimens 19 to 43 mm in extended length when alive; dorsal base color is gray with light blue flecking covering both the mantle and foot; sole is pale gray or white; foot margin narrow with a distinct border above {Bill, what fraction of the total body length is the part of the tail that can be autotomized?}; apparently quite rare with only three known populations in Washington: two in Cascade Range at 450 m elevation near Randall, Lewis County, another along a tributary of the Columbia River at 80 m elevation near Carrolls, Cowlitz County; surface activity mainly in early fall and late spring during relatively warm, wet weather; found in mature forests under woody debris; probably an annual species; diet includes fungi (spores and hyphae), vascular plants (roots and greens), lichens, and mold.




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