Prophysaon andersoni (J.G. Cooper, 1872) Reticulate Taildropper

, ,Gastropoda, Mollusca, Animalia

Part of tail that can be amputated about 20 to 25% total body length; tail tapers gradually so posterior half of body in top view has convex sides; dark blotches or broad stripes usually present on each side of mantle; mantle texture rougher, more strongly granular than in P. foliolatum. {Bill, prev choice says sole pale to white – I couldn’t find mention in Pilsbry 1948 of sole color for P. andersoni – can you verify sole color? Bill not seen andersoni; I asked Paul}{Forsyth 2003 [Forsyth, R.G. 2003. Key to slugs of British Columbia. Botanical Electronic News, (320): 1-7] reports foot fringe usually without dark vertical bars (but sometimes faint)}




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