Coccinella trifasciata subversa LeConte 1854

Coccinellidae, Coleoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

face view

dorsal view

Additional images: ventral view (small file, large file), tarsus (small file, large file).


British Columbia to California (Gordon 1985).


4.0- 5.0 mm long. Form broadly oval, convex. Male head pale except for black band across base, and female head black with pale band between eyes. Pronotum with anterior margin typically pale, ventral spot large, extending posteriorly as far as dorsal spot. Elytral maculation with three transverse, greatly reduced fasciae, sometimes appearing immaculate. Postcoxal line incomplete with oblique dividing line. Intercoxal process of prosternum narrow and flat with 2 carinae. Middle and hind tibiae each with two tibial spurs. Each tarsal claw with large subquadrate basal tooth. Antennal segments long, 11-segmented and inserted dorsally.

Natural History

Considered a beneficial organism, feeding primarily on aphids.

Literature Cited

Gordon, R. D. 1985. The Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) of America north of Mexico. Journal of the New York Entomological Society 93:1-912.

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